Ada Loumani

I am a self-taught person, who had no formal education, but a family tradition to rely on. It is often said that a man's childhood determines, more than anything else, his future, and mine looks very much like my work.

It was certainly, thanks to the long time spent with my father in the magical environment of glassware in fusion, that I could experience this extraordinary encounter between my soul and this boiling matter. Nevertheless, without entering into an eternal argument, which opposes the innate against the acquired, it was also in my profound being that my profession begun. I am an artist with a rigorous mind, and my art is an expression from the depth of my soul, it is the thirst, hunger, and desire to fuse completely with the world which surrounds me.

The need for perfection, which is deeply rooted in me, brings about a constant conflict, and the search for depth which does not allow "guesswork". Like a dowse in search for a drop of water with his sense fully awakened, I pursue the design with new emotions.

On one hand, I use in my creation my instincts and inventiveness and on the other, research and experience, keeping always an opening to the world.

From my first creations, one always feels simultaneously, the searched form, and the real need for taming colours, to shape the object until it becomes a perfect duplicate picture like in painting. Glassware is the union between painting and sculpture in a moving universe.

Creating object with glass is to capture real "paintings" in matter, to give the illusion of relieving weight by confronting the transparency of the glass in order to finally attempt to optically abolish the laws of gravity, to use its delicacy as a support to breathe strength and sturdiness, and to confront density with transparency.

The development of my work is continuous and my inspirations are unlimited with a desire to participate to the pressing future adventure of contemporary glassware.

logo EPV2007, obtention of the french label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", rewarded the french know-how.